Marin dentist Roni Dawn Douglas, Terra Linda dentist, is a dentist in Marin who specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry - including oral hygiene (dental cleaning), fillings, bonding, crowns, restoration, implants, teeth whitening, and more.

Dr. Roni Has Retired! 
As it has been for so many, several surprising things have happened in my world as a result of COVID. First, we began to see a higher influx of new patients last year, caused in part by several local dentists deciding to retire. Also a factor was commuters working from home and no longer wanting to travel outside Marin for dentistry; they wanted a dental home they could trust nearby. In order to try and accommodate this influx, I considered opening Fridays if I could find a quality dentist/associate who embodied all the stellar characteristics my patients expect and deserve.

And so I put it out there to a broker whom I’d know since beginning my dental career, and I could not have foreseen what then transpired! A dentist practicing in Kansas City - Dr. Eilise O’Connor - found our office out of her desire to move back to the bay area where she was originally from (more on her story to come). Within our first few meetings/conversations, I knew without a doubt she was (and is) everything I would want in a dentist /successor for this practice.

I honestly didn’t see retirement happening this soon, but as I began to reflect on this being my 40th year as a dentist, I realized that finding the perfect replacement was truly a gift I could not afford to ignore. I am confident in Dr. Eilise’s abilities as she is a very highly skilled technician. But even more than technical expertise, this choice is about the relationships that I and my team have developed over time – and I know without a doubt that Dr. Eilise will take just as good care of you as I have. Truly, I feel that she ticks all the right boxes!

A bit more about Dr. Eilise. She is a native San Franciscan who was recruited from St. Ignatius High School to University of Missouri-Kansas City on a full basketball scholarship. In 2013-14 she was team captain and became the first person in school history to finish with 1,700 points, 500 rebounds, 475 assists and 175 steals. (here’s a link to her stats for all of you basketball geeks! In 2014, she was named Division 1 First Team Capital One Academic All-American, a designation that honors the best and brightest collegiate athletes in the country.

After graduation, Eilise stayed in Kansas City for her dental education, knowing that she would always return to the bay area. After graduating with honors from UMKC Dental School, she spent four years as the primary dentist at a Kansas City family practice. Last year she felt it was time to “come home,” and recently established residence in Novato.

Dr. Eilise will be coming aboard March 1, 2022 as the new owner of this practice, and I will continue to be around for promised treatments. I’m excited to watch her introduce new procedures that I would do if I were a younger dentist. For instance, she’ll be offering Invisalign, will be doing single-tooth implants, as well as extended digital x-ray scan capabilities. I’ve said she’s a highly skilled technician, but equally important to me are her ethics, her honesty, and her winning personality. I have found her to be an enjoyable person to be around, and I’m sure you will too!

The “dream team” that you know and love – Kathy, Briana, Jennifer, Diana, Jessica, and Sophie – are excited for this transition, and will all remain here, by Dr. Eilise’s side. 

It is with a few tears that I write this message to you. I hope I leave a legacy of beautiful smiles and joyful experiences. Dr. Eilise and I will be sharing some messages together when she comes on board in March. Stay tuned!

With lots of love,