Marin dentist Roni Dawn Douglas, Terra Linda dentist, is a dentist in Marin who specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry - including oral hygiene (dental cleaning), fillings, bonding, crowns, restoration, implants, teeth whitening, and more.

The A-Team (l-r): Elena Weinstein (dental hygienist), Kathy Bugos (dental assistant), Sophie Hannibal (office manager), Dr. Roni, Emily Tamba (dental hygienist), Jessica Gallegos (office admin).
Our team of experienced health care professionals is dedicated to going the extra mile for our patients. Dr. Roni says, “I’m proud to have what I call ‘the A-Team’ - smart, compassionate individuals who not only help make our practice run smoothly and efficiently, they make each day a joyful and fulfilling experience.” 
About Our Team